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A dark cloud has been gathering over her old house for some time now, but the little girl who lives there with her rather strange grandma has no idea. It’s been only a short while since her mother’s fatal accident, and the girl is still trying to recover from shock.

Little does she suspect what is to come when she lets her best friend Laura into the house with a stray black kitten. As soon as they enter, the kitten begins transforming into a fearsome demon. Grandma, who was in the jungle looking for lost Uncle Otto, an archaeologist, returns just in time to save them.

A few odd things have been happening, and now Grandma must reveal her secret. She is more than seven hundred years old and is a witch from a mysterious land called Mezzarthys. She came to the Lands of Dragons, which was the name given to the continents of our world, when she was just a little girl. Now, because she’s found out that the powerful Great Witch Hissatam is hunting her down, she has decided to place her granddaughter under the protection of her two sisters, back in Mezzarthys. Surely the Great Witch will never seek her there. The girl has no choice. She leaves through a secret gateway in a deep cave pool, and at the same moment that a strong current draws her down, her grandmother drives off a cliff in her car. Both disappear from our world at the same time…


 “A Fugitive from the Land of the Dragons” / Dievčatko z Krajiny Drakov /– the fantasy book series for children takes the reader on a journey to the magical land of Mezzarthys, which remained hidden from us, the inhabitants of the “Lands of Dragons” for more then ten thousand years.

The hero of the story is an ordinary girl who goes to live with her strange grandmother in a small town in the mountains after her mother dies in a fatal accident. As the girl struggles to rebuild her life, things get a lot more bizarre when a demon attacks unexpectedly. An unprecedented spiral of extraordinary events pulls her away into an unknown land, abundant with mysterious forces and magical creatures. The girl has to face dangers and adventures she never would have thought possible. The powerful, evil witch responsible for her mother’s death is at her heels and, for her own safety, the girl can own nothing, no shoes, no clothes; she cannot even use her own name

Fortunately, Grandma’s two sisters are witches and they take her into their care. The lively, relentlessly curious girl quickly finds her way into their hearts. The witches are old and powerful, yet they consider themselves to be artists; their art of choice is cooking, or “haute cuisine,” as they say. The little girl has no magical powers of her own, but her wit and unconventional thinking often prove more powerful than any spell…


This series has already been published in Slovakia by Ikar—the largest publishing house in the country, a member of Direct Group Bertelsmann.

The first book “Mezzarthys ” was published in June 2005, the second, “The Secret of Legelyn Castle ”/ Tajomstvo Legelynu /  in October 2005 and the third instalment “The Temple of Ghosts ” / Chrám duchov / was released in August 2006. The first two books have sold out and been reprinted. Additional information can be found (in Slovak language only, however) on our publisher’s website, www.Ikar.sk, where you can also find readers’ comments. The title of the series in Slovak is “Dievčatko z Krajiny Drakov.”


In November 2006, during the Biblioteka international book festival in Bratislava, the first book in the series, “Mezzarthys,” was awarded the Istron 2006 prize  for the best original Slovak fantasy book. Of the seven nominated books, two were ours; our second nominated book, “The Secret of Legelyn Castle,” took third place.


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